Cambria Countertops

Recently we had a chance to sit down with Masha Kushnir to discuss what sets Cambria Countertops apart from other solid surface countertops.

Among the subjects covered were:
What is Cambria?
What are the differences between Cambria & other countertops?
How many styles can consumers choose from?
How much maintenance do Cambria countertops require?
What type of warranty does Cambria have and what does it cover?

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Mastic Siding – Product Feature of the Week

In this post, I’ll be discussing the many options you have as a homeowner looking to install vinyl siding onto your home’s exterior. At Executive Exteriors and Remodeling, one of our favorite vinyl siding suppliers is Mastic Home Exteriors. With Mastic, there are four options to choose from: Ovation, Carvedwood-44, Quest, and Structure EPS Insulated

Let’s dive a little deeper into what these different options can do for you.


The basic in Mastic’s line, Ovation provides a simple solution to siding your home at an affordable price. Ovation comes in 20 different colors and five different panel styles. Within the Ovation line, you can choose from the following styles:

Double 5″
Triple 3″
Double 4″
Double 4.5″ Dutch Lap
Rated for winds up to 195mph
Snap+Lock+Hold system keeps panels in place
Have a 9/16″ Panel Projection that simulates wood siding
Single 6.5″ Traditional Beaded Advanced Locking System
Wind Speeds rated up to 165mph


The next one on our list is Carvedwood-44. This line from Mastic serves as Ovation’s big brother. While Ovation is well above industry standard at .042 thickness, Carvedwood-44 is just a little bigger. As you might have guessed, its thickness is .044 to add just that much more durability. This series comes with everything in the Ovation line, plus:

Duranyl 5000 Protection System Extra UV protection (resists fading and weathering)
Hang-Tough Technology Increases durability (resists cracking and impact damage)
T-2 Lok Locking system with more contact area to ensure hold


Next up is Mastic’s Quest line of siding. This line is yet one step up from the Carvedwood-44 series. With an even larger panel projection and thicker construction, this line is sure to stand the test of mother nature. But what is most exciting about this line is its extra-long lengths. While a standard piece of vinyl siding runs from 12 to 12.5ft in length, these panels have 16’8” and 25’6” lengths. That means less seams, less leaks, and more durability. Here’s a breakdown of Quest’s benefits:

Duranyl 5000 Protection System Extra UV protection (resists fading and weathering)
Hang-Tough Technology Increases durability (resists cracking and impact damage)
T-3 Lok Locking system with even more contact area to ensure best possible hold
Wind Speed Rated up to 240mph Top of the line wind resistance
Extra-Long Lengths Available More Durability, Less Seams

Structure EPS Insulated Siding

The Structure EPS Insulated Siding line is the top dog of Mastics vinyl siding offerings. It has almost all of the impressive features of its aforementioned peers plus one very important addition: insulated backing. Not only does this insulated back help provide strength and durability to your home’s exterior, but it will also help strengthen your wallet. With insulated siding you are getting a 5 to 6 times larger R-value than wood siding and an R-value up to 20x larger than 5/16” Fiber Cement. The benefits below do all of the talking.

Insulation Behind Vinyl Shell Provides extra insulation and impact resistance for home’s exterior
Duranyl 5000 Protection System Extra UV protection (resists fading and weathering)
Hang-Tough Technology Increases durability (resists cracking and impact damage)
T-3 Lok Locking system with even more contact area to ensure best possible hold
Wind Speed Rated up to 240mph Top of the line wind resistance
Long Lengths Available Up to 16’8” More Durability, Less Seams

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What To Look For When Choosing A Contractor

Recently we had a chance to sit down with Pat Hoy from ABC Supply Company to discuss what homeowners should be looking for when choosing a contractor. Pat gave a list of four key elements homeowners should review when receiving bids from different contractors.
1. Proper Insurance & Licensing
2. The Importance of Training
3. Price vs. Value
4. Customer Testimonials

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Oakridge Shingles

Here at Executive Exteriors and Remodeling, we give you many options when it comes to replacing the roof of your home. In this post, we will introduce one of our best-selling lines of laminated shingles, Owens Corning’s Oakridge Shingles. Architectural-Shingle-vs-3tab

Oakridge Shingles are a very effective and affordable option when the time comes to replace your roof. The Oakridge series is an architectural style laminated shingle that will provide much more protection than a basic 3-tab shingle style. This architectural style’s added protection is rooted in its overlapping, multi-layer design (see right).

Not only will this design improve the durability of your roof, but it will also improve your roof’s style and look. The Oakridge line comes in nine different color options. This guarantees that your roof will compliment your home’s style perfectly. These shingles find just the right balance between beauty and functionality.

Looking for a little energy efficiency as well? Look no further. The Oakridge Shingles in the color Shasta White can reduce your energy bills and are ENERGY STAR approved.  They cut the cost of your energy bills by reflecting the sunlight back off of your roof which, in turn, reduces heat in your home, A/C usage, and your electricity bill.


If it is finally time to replace that old worn out roof with something more durable, or if it’s just time to update your home’s style, look towards Owens Corning’s Oakridge Shingles. These shingles provide durability, affordability, energy efficiency and beauty to your home.


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The Kitchen Facelift

My favorite remodeling jobs completely transform a space and bring it to life. Homeowners nowadays are looking to restyle and completely update their small, outdated kitchens that should’ve been left in the 60s! Right now we have a client couple that is looking for a complete makeover, and we are here to give them the kitchen of their dreams.

Old CountertopOld Kitchen

In these first two photos you can see how small the space was; the kitchen was simply just not efficient for any purpose. Also, the pink counter tops just have to go. Pairing the pink countertops with a vintage, green dishwasher was just another major style alert! I don’t know what the previous designer was thinking, but we are here to fix all of that! This design was outdated, boring, and frankly just not enough space for a proper kitchen

The Process has Begun

Ah yes, the process has begun! Executive Exteriors & Remodeling is here to save the day and bring this kitchen to the 21st century! As you can see in the last two photos, we are giving this outdated kitchen a brand new look. We’ve knocked down a few walls and have completely opened up the space. Having an open kitchen allows for better entertainment, efficiency, and is the key to a great design.

It’s amazing that we actually can add twice as much cabinetry and storage while still increasing the kitchen’s square footage!

The included photos are examples of how we use our state-of-the-art technology to digitally measure out the space where a beautiful Cambria Countertop will perfectly sit. When I say perfectly, I mean it, too! Measuring countertop space digitally allows us to get an absolutely exact measurement. That way, your Cambria Countertop will sit beautifully snug. Pretty cool, huh?

Scanning Cambria Countertops

I hope you all are just as excited as we are to see the finishing touches on this beautiful kitchen remodel. Look for “after” shots of the newly remodeled space coming soon.


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Your Siding Options: LP SmartSide Siding

We are always getting asked, “What are my options for upgrading my siding from vinyl to another, more durable material?” Most of our customers have heard about James Hardie fiber cement siding, but they don’t know much more than the namePreffered-Remodeler-Minneapolis. James Hardie is the leader in fiber cement siding, but here at Executive Exteriors and Remodeling, we always refer LP SmartSide. LP SmartSide is the latest and greatest form of composite siding that is lasting longer and looking even better than James Hardie fiber cement siding. Contractors nationwide are making the transition to this new, innovative product.

This product comes in every form of siding needed to cover the exterior walls of your home (lap, panel, trim, fascia, and soffit). What’s more? It protects the exterior of your home like nothing else on the market. The secret is in LP’s proprietary SmartGuard process used to make their SmartSide product. This process uses zinc borate in the manufacturing of LP’s siding that naturally resists termites and fungal decay.LP-SmartSide-Minneapolis

Are you having a hard time believing it? No problem. Let the numbers do the talking. LP offers a 5/50 limited warranty on this product guaranteeing its durability. That means there is a 5-year 100% labor and replacement aspect and a 50-year prorated warranty. This way, no matter what you believe, you can give it a try for yourself, worry free.

LP SmartSide-Minneapolis

Click on this picture to see at 360 Video Tour of one or our completed LP SmartSide projects!

Why is LP so confident you ask? They’ve done their homework. In 1996, LP took their siding all the way out to Hilo, Hawaii where the siding could receive the most brutal testing. Hilo, Hawaii averages 70 degrees Fahrenheit with excruciating humidity along with 170 inches of annual rainfall a year. It’s not just the tourists that love this weather, either. This weather is perfect for termites and decay caused by moisture and fungi. For the record, that siding that found its new home in Hawaii in 1996 is still standing strong with no structural decay.

The extreme testing doesn’t stop there. This siding is also frequently introduced to multiple colonies of Formosan termites (the worst of the worst when it comes to termites). The test begins with samples of LP SmartSide being placed in a plastic grid with other similar siding products from other suppliers and a few Formosan termite colonies. Then, the feast begins. After 3 years, the LP SmartSide showed no signs of structural damage. However, after 3 months, the other samples were completely destroyed.
We know there are almost too many options when it comes to choosing siding, but if you are looking beautiful, eco-friendly, durable wood-clad siding, LP SmartSide is one of your best options.

Executive Exteriors President, Mike Sowers Discusses LP SmartSide


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What to Look for in a Contractor

So you’ve been looking to finally update that part of your home that could use a little TLC, but you don’t know where to start. You’ve got a general idea about what you want, but who should you employ to advise you along the way and do the work for you? Should you try to track down your neighbor’s son’s buddy whom you’ve heard is pretty handy? Is it time to head for the yellow pages? If you’ve ended up here, you probably searched for something local on an internet search engine. Great choice, but be wary! There are 5 basic questions you should ask yourself when choosing a contractor.

1. Do they have proper training & certification?

I hate to break it to you, but your neighbor’s son’s buddy probably is NOT certified. Regardless of whether or not he’s done similar work all over the neighborhood, there’s no guaranteeingBathroom-Remodel-Minneapolis he’s done it with the best practices in mind. Make sure your contractor has proper certification and training before you sign the dotted line. Some common certifications include:

    • Mastic Elite Contractor
    • VSI Vinyl Siding Institute Certified Installer
    • GAF Certified Weather Stopper Contractor
    • EPA Lead-Safe

2. Does Price = Value?

When anyone thinks about doing home remodeling or improvement, price is going to be a major deciding factor. You may be very tempted to get estimates from the first few contractors you can find and then just hire the company that bid you the lowest. Stop right there! Take a few steps back, and think about the last big investment you made. You probably didn’t take the cheapest way out. What you should look for is value, or “Bang for your Buck.” Ask yourself, “What am I getting for my money from each of these contractors?” You will be pleasantly surprised to find that there are reasons some prices are a little higher than others. It could be experience, more capabilities, better service, more certification, etc. Whatever the price may be, make sure it’s going to create long-lasting value for your home.

3. Do they have systems in place?

So what does “systems in place” mean? Well, in essence, it’s similar to the way a restaurant operates. There is a specific process that is carried out every time you arrive. You are first greeted and guided to your seat by the host, then the waiter stops by, introduces himself and takes care of your every request… you know the drill. Your contractor should operate in a similar fashion, but substitute the food for home improvement. There should be a specific set of processes that are carried out for each customer to ensure an efficient and seamless project from start to finish.  If you’re still unsure as to what a job process or “system” looks like, take a look at our retail job process diagram here.

4. Is this contractor insured?

This is a BIG one when it comes to choosing your contractor. This is important for 2 reasons:

1)   It protects you as the homeowner against any liability lawsuits if any of the workers were hurt while doing your remodeling.

2)   It protects your home against any unforeseen damages that occur during the remodeling process. (ie. Stray hammer bursting pipes)

Basically, you want to make sure your contractor has an up to date worker’s compensation and general liability insurance policy.

5. Do they have any references or testimonials?

This seems to be a no-brainer, but it can be very telling factor when it comes time to choose your contractor. Check out your prospective contractor’s website to see if they have any videos or written testimonials about their past work. Or, give them a call and ask for numbers of past clients to receive real-time, unfiltered feedback. Also, head over to the Better Business Bureau’s website and find out what the BBB has to say about your prospective contractors.


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