The Kitchen Facelift

My favorite remodeling jobs completely transform a space and bring it to life. Homeowners nowadays are looking to restyle and completely update their small, outdated kitchens that should’ve been left in the 60s! Right now we have a client couple that is looking for a complete makeover, and we are here to give them the kitchen of their dreams.

Old CountertopOld Kitchen

In these first two photos you can see how small the space was; the kitchen was simply just not efficient for any purpose. Also, the pink counter tops just have to go. Pairing the pink countertops with a vintage, green dishwasher was just another major style alert! I don’t know what the previous designer was thinking, but we are here to fix all of that! This design was outdated, boring, and frankly just not enough space for a proper kitchen

The Process has Begun

Ah yes, the process has begun! Executive Exteriors & Remodeling is here to save the day and bring this kitchen to the 21st century! As you can see in the last two photos, we are giving this outdated kitchen a brand new look. We’ve knocked down a few walls and have completely opened up the space. Having an open kitchen allows for better entertainment, efficiency, and is the key to a great design.

It’s amazing that we actually can add twice as much cabinetry and storage while still increasing the kitchen’s square footage!

The included photos are examples of how we use our state-of-the-art technology to digitally measure out the space where a beautiful Cambria Countertop will perfectly sit. When I say perfectly, I mean it, too! Measuring countertop space digitally allows us to get an absolutely exact measurement. That way, your Cambria Countertop will sit beautifully snug. Pretty cool, huh?

Scanning Cambria Countertops

I hope you all are just as excited as we are to see the finishing touches on this beautiful kitchen remodel. Look for “after” shots of the newly remodeled space coming soon.


Request an estimate online or by calling 763-432-4677

For more information on our Kitchen Remodeling, or to get into contact with our office, simply let us know you’re interested by filling out this form:

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