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Oakridge Shingles

Here at Executive Exteriors and Remodeling, we give you many options when it comes to replacing the roof of your home. In this post, we will introduce one of our best-selling lines of laminated shingles, Owens Corning’s Oakridge Shingles. Architectural-Shingle-vs-3tab

Oakridge Shingles are a very effective and affordable option when the time comes to replace your roof. The Oakridge series is an architectural style laminated shingle that will provide much more protection than a basic 3-tab shingle style. This architectural style’s added protection is rooted in its overlapping, multi-layer design (see right).

Not only will this design improve the durability of your roof, but it will also improve your roof’s style and look. The Oakridge line comes in nine different color options. This guarantees that your roof will compliment your home’s style perfectly. These shingles find just the right balance between beauty and functionality.

Looking for a little energy efficiency as well? Look no further. The Oakridge Shingles in the color Shasta White can reduce your energy bills and are ENERGY STAR approved.  They cut the cost of your energy bills by reflecting the sunlight back off of your roof which, in turn, reduces heat in your home, A/C usage, and your electricity bill.


If it is finally time to replace that old worn out roof with something more durable, or if it’s just time to update your home’s style, look towards Owens Corning’s Oakridge Shingles. These shingles provide durability, affordability, energy efficiency and beauty to your home.


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