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Your Siding Options: LP SmartSide Siding

We are always getting asked, “What are my options for upgrading my siding from vinyl to another, more durable material?” Most of our customers have heard about James Hardie fiber cement siding, but they don’t know much more than the namePreffered-Remodeler-Minneapolis. James Hardie is the leader in fiber cement siding, but here at Executive Exteriors and Remodeling, we always refer LP SmartSide. LP SmartSide is the latest and greatest form of composite siding that is lasting longer and looking even better than James Hardie fiber cement siding. Contractors nationwide are making the transition to this new, innovative product.

This product comes in every form of siding needed to cover the exterior walls of your home (lap, panel, trim, fascia, and soffit). What’s more? It protects the exterior of your home like nothing else on the market. The secret is in LP’s proprietary SmartGuard process used to make their SmartSide product. This process uses zinc borate in the manufacturing of LP’s siding that naturally resists termites and fungal decay.LP-SmartSide-Minneapolis

Are you having a hard time believing it? No problem. Let the numbers do the talking. LP offers a 5/50 limited warranty on this product guaranteeing its durability. That means there is a 5-year 100% labor and replacement aspect and a 50-year prorated warranty. This way, no matter what you believe, you can give it a try for yourself, worry free.

LP SmartSide-Minneapolis

Click on this picture to see at 360 Video Tour of one or our completed LP SmartSide projects!

Why is LP so confident you ask? They’ve done their homework. In 1996, LP took their siding all the way out to Hilo, Hawaii where the siding could receive the most brutal testing. Hilo, Hawaii averages 70 degrees Fahrenheit with excruciating humidity along with 170 inches of annual rainfall a year. It’s not just the tourists that love this weather, either. This weather is perfect for termites and decay caused by moisture and fungi. For the record, that siding that found its new home in Hawaii in 1996 is still standing strong with no structural decay.

The extreme testing doesn’t stop there. This siding is also frequently introduced to multiple colonies of Formosan termites (the worst of the worst when it comes to termites). The test begins with samples of LP SmartSide being placed in a plastic grid with other similar siding products from other suppliers and a few Formosan termite colonies. Then, the feast begins. After 3 years, the LP SmartSide showed no signs of structural damage. However, after 3 months, the other samples were completely destroyed.
We know there are almost too many options when it comes to choosing siding, but if you are looking beautiful, eco-friendly, durable wood-clad siding, LP SmartSide is one of your best options.

Executive Exteriors President, Mike Sowers Discusses LP SmartSide


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